About Renault Koleos and the Company

Renault is a well-known car manufacturer in France, making interesting and different vehicles. One of the most interesting cross over model is the Renault Koleos that is made to carry and continue the tradition. The Koleos vehicle is the first attempt for a SUV model and even though it has taken more time to get completed, the waiting and results are highly satisfying. The Koleos vehicle is a high quality car that has exceptional features and lots to offer. It is well-made and competitively priced. Nowadays if your Renault Koleos is serviced regularly by a specialist mechanic, it is could be considered as one of the most durable SUVs available in the car market today.

A New Class and Sophistication

The Koleos offers the drives a whole new taste of class and sophistication that is packaged in one SUV shell. Driving this vehicle can provide a completely pleasurable experience. Koleos four wheel drive as well as its hill descent system is integrated in order to provide a great job in maintaining and finding the perfect grip while traveling along the winding curves and bumpy road in any condition of weather. The car handles well at any kind of speed and in any kind of condition.

Top Rated Family Vehicle

If you are searching for a great family vehicle, the Koleos has lots to offer in this area as well. It is easily accessible, has a life up rear door , a drop down tail and easy fold down seats in order to make the inside of it spacious to carry sporting equipment or groceries. It has four very comfortable seats and has lots of shoulder and leg room for the passengers. The vehicle interior is nicely and fluidly done. The height adjustable cloths that cover the seats are not only firm and chunky, but also contoured in order to add comfort to driving experience. The Koleos Privilege also comes with leather heated seats for provide comfort during winter season driving.

The Koleos is successfully integrated with new technology and world class craftsmanship that has brought the car industry a very spectacular four wheel drive cross-over SUV. The car is also fuel efficient which is something that’s unheard for most of the SUVs and it’s very easy to drive, providers excellent visibility for the drivers, amazing precision handling, and completely offer a truly pleasure driving experience for any owner. The car is a crossover SUV vehicle that is considered as a very valuable member of the Renault Company even for the next years to come.

The History of Renault

The car manufacturing company first started to produce cars in 1897. Truth be told, the company has been in the car business industry far longer; however, starting 1700s, the Renault Corporation has been involved in salt, coffee and other products production. The road to motor vehicles production actually started with a crinoline dress. The Renault started to produce steel rods that are used in order to keep the dresses stiff. The machining of these steel rods indirectly led to the aching of other steel products.

About the Owner

Luis Renault, the owner of the company, was involved in design and engineering, and his 2 brothers, Ferdinand and Marcel had wide experience in marketing and management due to their many years of working experiences in the textile plants owned by their father. Luis Renault was the one responsible for sale of Renault’s first car, which he let a father’s friend to drive it. The man was completely impressed with the car’s capabilities and already bought it on the spot.

During this time, the European road racing was still in its infancy; however the brothers quickly realised that the road racing could possibly give their cars great amounts of public exposure. Marcel and Louis participated in driving their cars actively in these races not until Marcel died in Paris Madrid race in 1903. This has ended the racing career of Louis, but the Renault cars still participated in the races actively. The AK 90CV was the very first vehicle to won the first ever Grand Prix motor racing event.

A Real Luxury

Because the vehicles were considered luxury at that time, Renault expanded beyond the passenger cars in order to produce buses, taxis, and other kinds of industrial automobiles. Just like other car manufacturers, it focused its attention to war efforts during the World War I, producing tanks, aircrafts and ammunition. The military contributions of Renault were greatly recognised and Louis Renault was being honoured by Allies at the end of WWI.

Between the WWI and WWII, Renault stated to expand his company in order to produce both small and large vehicles. During this time, however, the company had experienced various problems with both their labor force and stock market. One of the most notable problems that the Renault has experienced was the car distribution. Fortunately, was finally able to contract in one distributor in north of France and picked the things up significantly for their company. In mid-thirties, the trend of shipping the expensive European cards back prior to WWI had entirely but disappeared and the imports to US have dropped to almost zero.

WWII was also a very difficult challenge for the corporation especially when the France fell in 1940s due to Axis powers. Nazi took over the control of all Renault’s factories and commanded him to only produce ammunition and military vehicles for them. Renault refused and because of this, he was accused of helping and collaborating with Germans, making him arrested in 1944. Unfortunately, Louis died in prison without defending himself from those hideous accusations.

After the WWII, Renault was lifted on similar wave of opportunity that swept the rest of the world. The company was revitalised and started to produce high quality cars that rivalled the Volkswagen’s Beetle and Morris Minor. In 1970s the energy crises greatly affected the entire car manufacturers, and Renault was not an exemption. The car manufacturers used this very stressful period in order for them to achieve more success in US market. This was just a marginal success and in mid-seventies, Renault, as a French car company has withdrawn back to shores across Atlantic.