Why Mazda Remains One of the Best Car Brands Worldwide

During its early years, Mazda was known as Toyo Kogyo Company in 1927 until 1984. This automotive manufacturer made passenger cars, buses and trucks sold across the country. As the company partnered with Sumitomo Group, it established its headquarters at Hiroshima. However, it was founded as cork plant in 1920 and grew to become a large manufacturer of exclusive cars in the world. As we all know, the company is a Japanese corporation that manufactures world-class vehicles for both high end and average customers.

When Did Mazda First Start Manufacturing Vehicles?

In 1931, the company started making vehicles with three-wheeled trucks. They have produced over 200,000 cars within their first 25 years. During World War II they supplied the Japanese military with trucks and rifles. Their factory unsurprisingly survived the bombings in Hiroshima since it was protected by the hill. As they explored the passenger car market by manufacturing coupe model in 1960, they later began producing station wagons as well as sedans.

More about the Historical Background of Mazda

In 1964, the company introduced their very own vehicles which were then sold in the US. As the years pass by, they committed to produce more automobiles that offer rotary-piston type Wankel engines. Successfully in 1970, they have manufactured half of their Mazda vehicles with new engines. However, the major downside of their Wankel engine is that, it was somewhat underprivileged when it comes to fuel efficiency. With the expensive gasoline during the 1970s era, Toyo Kogyo car sales significantly dropped.

But in 1980s, the company strived to rise above the challenges they dealt with and regained their business once again. In order to cope up with the difficulties, they reduced their workforce by attrition while greatly developing their productivity. Also, they turned to conventional and more fuel-efficient car engines in order to ensure that buyers will have more convenient transportation service. With the significant increase in production and marketing efforts, the company now became a large auto corporation in Japan.

Vehicle Excellence Throughout the Years

And in 1981, the more efficient Wankel engines that have provided the market supported their goals of becoming a trusted car brand in the country again. For the latest car models they were able to make, more and more customers believe in the cost efficiency of their vehicles. Another important factor in the company’s recovery is the well established relationship with Ford motors. Hence, in 1984, Toyo Kogyo Company changed their name to Mazda Motor Corporation due to the significant regains they made after the setbacks they’ve encountered.

Mazda’s Current Position within the Vehicle Industry

And now, Mazda vehicles can be found around the world with exclusive car model they are really proud of. The global auto market in fact takes advantage of the efficiency and affordability of this car brand. However, the company continues to improve their marketing strategies as well as production skills in order to guarantee satisfactory vehicles that their customers really deserve. With the increasing Mazda cars worldwide, car owners enjoy top performance and fuel efficient automobiles at reasonable costs. A similar competitor to Mazda is Skoda who have worked incredibly hard to ensure their brand has continued to become a popular choice for the consumer over many years.