The Most Common Car Faults

When purchasing cars, especially used cars, it is always a gamble to be able to choose the right one. After all, you can’t know whatever the previous car’s owner used to fill its tank and know the whole history of the car.

On that note, it is wise that you take precaution by knowing the most common car faults the car you’re interested might have. It would help you to prevent waking up in the morning with car problems or getting stranded because of a mechanical fault if you know of the most common car faults.

Battery problems

Faulty battery is the most car problem caused by clamp connections, terminals or voltage loss. It can also be caused of constant use during short journeys without charging it regularly. It is fortunate however that many cars today uses audible alarm for battery issues that it is now less of an issue to motorists.

Fuel faults

Fuel problems like empty fuel tanks are a car fault that causes a lot of inconvenience. It can range from the fuel running out, fuel blockages or you having used the wrong fuel. When filling your fuel tank, it is wise to remain focussed to ensure that you are using the right fuel. At the same time, keep an eye on the gauge to prevent from running out of fuel.

Flat tyre

Flat tyres are one of the most frustrating car faults especially if you are on an important journey or say in a trip with your family. It is annoying when you have to change the tyres by yourself, doing it by the side of the road and them getting filthy in the process. It is this reason that regular car service is important so that you can be advised when you need changing.

Clutch cables

When clutch cables highly stresses and under abrasion, the wire strands can weaken and easily break. If you are out on the road when the clutch cables break, it is possible to get temporary repairs. But the best solution would be to replace the cables at the first signs of wear.

Alternator faults

When there are persistent battery problems and dimming headlights, it could indicate generator or alternator faults. Stop right away when the alternator is faulty or it could result to accidents. It is best to call for car service to fix the alternator fault to ensure of a safe driving.

To some people, their cars are almost their joy and pride that they clean and maintain them regularly.  However, no matter the maintenance, there are still precarious car faults that can be the cause of your left stranded on the side of the road.

A truly reputable skoda car made by a credible company can be your best stead on the road and regular maintenance is one way to ensure that your car is at its best condition. Of course, it is not only older models that need regular servicing but even the latest models need routine maintenance and car servicing.