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Top 5 Cars of all Time

For every car enthusiast, whether it is exotic or rare cars, it always gets your heart pumping. Even when it has been years since these cars were released to the public.

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Best Car Brands Worldwide

During its early years, Mazda was known as Toyo Kogyo Company in 1927 until 1984. This automotive manufacturer made passenger cars, buses and trucks sold across the country.

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Most Common Car Faults

When purchasing used cars, it is always a gamble to be able to choose the right one. Sometimes you can’t know the whole history of the car.

Best Skoda Models for 2016

Skoda Auto also known as Skoda is founded in 1895 and manufactured by Czech automobile as Laurin and Klement. Originally, the company is designed to serve VW Group entry brand, but as time pass by, the brand shifted progressively with majority of models overlapping with Volkswagen counterparts on features and price. The total global sale of Skoda Auto reached almost 1.06 million cars (2015) and increase yearly by 1.8%, and the profit increased to almost 6.5% too. Properly servicing your Skoda vehicle can reduce common car faults also some of the more high tech models are more durable and require less specialist checks. If you’re planning to buy Skoda, make sure you have the latest list of their models, below are the 2 most popular Skoda Models for 2016:

Skoda Superb Q1

New Superb offer more premium design and longer body and wheelbase, along with upmarket cabin design and class topping rear seat space. The company promised to provide greater collection of unique touches such as tablet holder (rear), tablet storage compartment (front Jumbo Box), retractable device, 2230 V socket, USB port, grippy bottle holder (0.5 litre opening bottles) and high-visibility vest storage compartment (all 4 doors).

The Vehicle Interior

The interior of this sedan offer more elegant, sophisticated and modern look. It is designed to provide new level of comfort, high quality, new technical solutions, and precise workmanship. This new model of Skoda benefits from the 157mm of rear leg room, and 69mm improved elbow room. In addition, Superb also comes with large boot with maximum capacity of 625 litres.

Unique in-car Features

The company is so proud of their new creation because of the long list of new and unique features. Superb offer Dynamic Chassis Control with Driving Mode Select, 3 zone automatic climate control, Bi Xenon headlights, electrically operated tailgate, electric panoramic slide and tilt control, electrically adjustable front-seats with memory function and lumbar support, ESC Electronic Stability Control, High-speed internet access based on LTE, emergency brake function, seven airbags, 4 exterior pain shades, optional rear-side airbags, 8 inch Mirror Link System with a touchscreen infotainment, and electronic tire-pressure monitoring system.

Stunning Skoda Highlights

Other highlights of Superb include18-inch alloys, 3 drive modes, umbrellas stored in front doors, heated seats and adaptive dampers. The front end of this car is characterised by large grille and sharply-styled headlamps which boast LED fixtures. As you view it in the side profile, you will be impress of its gently sloping rood and clean lines. When it comes to rear end, Superb gets ‘LED tail lamps’ that holds Skoda C Motif. In short, this new sedan has enough amount of aggressiveness and sophistication, making it the most well designed model this 2016.

Skoda Vision S

Similar to Vision C, the Skoda Vision S is designed to provide new and unique design philosophy, focused on SUV segment. Vision S represent perfect balance of power, function and aesthetics. For the past years, the company completely renewed the model range, and will broaden the variety of models in SUV segments. The exterior design reflects unique emotional appeal; all lines and edges are clear, sharp and precise. Because of the crystalline design element, it accentuates exterior; whole shadow and light establish powerful effect on strikingly chiseled surface.

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